Appareil photo argentique


  • CONTAX I Black- 1932 Zeiss ikon, Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8/ N° AU21483
  • Large format camera Reflex 755 by Ica with Tessar f/4.5 150mm lens. 4x5
  • Contessa 533/24 rangefinder camera by Zeiss Ikon with Tessar T f/2.8 45mm lens
  • Peggy II rangefinder camera by Krauss with Tessar f/2.8 50mm With case and cap
  • Contessa Deckrullo-Nettel Stereo camera with Tessar f/4.5 120mm lens. 6x13cm
  • Rolleiflex Automat 6x6 Model RF 111A bi objectif ZEISS TESSAR F 3.5/75 LENS
  • Chambre 4x5 Style Mpp / Linhof + Angulon 6.8/ 90 MM + Tessar 6.3/ 165mm +++
  • TESSAR 4,5/250mm
  • Miroflex folding camera by Zeiss Ikon with Tessar f/4.5 150mm lens with case
  • Exceptional Lloyd 660 Stereo camera by ica with Tessar f/6.3 120mm. For film
  • Zeiss Ikon, Super NETTEL I, Carl zeiss Jena TESSAR 3,5/50mm with original case
  • Appareil photo Rolleiflex 6x6 K8 T3 Carl Zeiss Tessar 75 mm Objectif f3.5 camera
  • Hasselblad 160mm f4,8 CB T objectif Tessar 160 mm CB Lens #967